Outdoor FAQ

Q: Are Pellé Outdoor protective products suitabk for my European hiking and work boots boots.

A: Yes, products in the Pellé Outdoor range have been developed to clean, nourish and protect leading high performance outdoor footwear.

Q: Do Pellé Outdoor products meet international standards for shoe and boot protection?

A: Yes, these products have been trialed and eatsed by LASRA to internatial standards (ISO 11640)

Q Will using Pellé Outdoor products on my boots lengthen the wear llifeofthem?

A: Yes, regular cleaning and nourishing yourboots will lengthen their usefu life by protecting the leather and keeping it sift and supple. The discomfort and cracking caused by stiffunnourished leather uppers is one of the key reasons for people changing their boots.

Q:Should I apply Pellé outdoor protective products prior to using my boots?

A: Yes, pre treatment is recommended as it provides immediate protection and seasons the boots prior to use.

Q: Does Pellé Care produce product for fabric water resistance.

A: Yes, Pellé (name to b added) provides tested (ISO 11640)  waterresistanc for most fabric and is suitable for outdoor use.

Q: Can I use regular Pellé Cleaner and Conditioner / Protector on my outdoor equipment?

A: Regular Pellé products can be used , however the specifically formulated products included in Pellé Care’s Outdoor range provide the best protection for your valued items.

Q: Is it important that I clean and nourish my leather shoes & accessories?

A: Yes, regular cleaning and nourishing with approved products such as Pellé Outdoor range will help keep your items in comfortable and in top condition, prolonging their useful life. 

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