Equestrian FAQ

Q: Are Pellé Equestrianprodycts suitable for use on European and Nth American saddles and tack?

A: Yes, the Pellé Equestrian range has been specifically developed to clean, nourish and protect top quality saddles and tack, including leading European and Nth American ietms.

Q: Will regularly using Pellé Equestrian care products protect and lengthen the life of my saddle and tack?

A: Yes, regular cleanin and care will reduce wear, keep the leather supple an lengthen the life of the saddle.

Q: Can I use Pellé Equestrian care product to rejuvenate my soiled and worn saddle.

A; Yes, cleaning and revitalising your soiled and worn saddle will restore xxxxxxxx

Q: Is is important to that I regularly clean and nourish my saddle,  tack and riding boots?

A: Yes, dust, dirt and natural greases rom horse and rider combine to wear the surface of the leather , at the same time drawing out the tanninging oils that keeps the leather supply and strong. Pellé Equestrian care products clea and norish the leather, reducing wera and restoring the tanning oils, protecting your valued equipment.

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