Equestrian FAQ

Q: Are Pellé Equestrianprodycts suitable for use on European and Nth American saddles and tack?

A: Yes, the Pellé Equestrian range has been specifically developed to clean, nourish and protect top quality saddles and tack, including leading European and Nth American ietms.

Q: Will regularly using Pellé Equestrian care products protect and lengthen the life of my saddle and tack?

A: Yes, regular cleanin and care will reduce wear, keep the leather supple an lengthen the life of the saddle.

Q: Can I use Pellé Equestrian care product to rejuvenate my soiled and worn saddle.

A; Yes, cleaning and revitalising your soiled and worn saddle will restore xxxxxxxx

Q: Is is important to that I regularly clean and nourish my saddle,  tack and riding boots?

A: Yes, dust, dirt and natural greases rom horse and rider combine to wear the surface of the leather , at the same time drawing out the tanninging oils that keeps the leather supply and strong. Pellé Equestrian care products clea and norish the leather, reducing wera and restoring the tanning oils, protecting your valued equipment.

Outdoor FAQ

Q: Are Pellé Outdoor protective products suitabk for my European hiking and work boots boots.

A: Yes, products in the Pellé Outdoor range have been developed to clean, nourish and protect leading high performance outdoor footwear.

Q: Do Pellé Outdoor products meet international standards for shoe and boot protection?

A: Yes, these products have been trialed and eatsed by LASRA to internatial standards (ISO 11640)

Q Will using Pellé Outdoor products on my boots lengthen the wear llifeofthem?

A: Yes, regular cleaning and nourishing yourboots will lengthen their usefu life by protecting the leather and keeping it sift and supple. The discomfort and cracking caused by stiffunnourished leather uppers is one of the key reasons for people changing their boots.

Q:Should I apply Pellé outdoor protective products prior to using my boots?

A: Yes, pre treatment is recommended as it provides immediate protection and seasons the boots prior to use.

Q: Does Pellé Care produce product for fabric water resistance.

A: Yes, Pellé (name to b added) provides tested (ISO 11640)  waterresistanc for most fabric and is suitable for outdoor use.

Q: Can I use regular Pellé Cleaner and Conditioner / Protector on my outdoor equipment?

A: Regular Pellé products can be used , however the specifically formulated products included in Pellé Care’s Outdoor range provide the best protection for your valued items.

Q: Is it important that I clean and nourish my leather shoes & accessories?

A: Yes, regular cleaning and nourishing with approved products such as Pellé Outdoor range will help keep your items in comfortable and in top condition, prolonging their useful life. 

Transport FAQ

Q: Cane Pellé revive the leather in my classic car?

A: Yes, Pellé produces Leather Cleaner, Conditioner / Protector and Revitaliser that are suitable for classic car restorations. If the job is beyond a simple “revival”, the Pellé technicians can provide colour repair solutions and even carry out the work for you. Please contact us for advice (Hyperlink)

Q: Is Pellé Product suitable for modern vehicles?

A: Absolutely, Pellé product is tested by LASRA (ISO 11640) for Automotive use.

Q: Does Pell produce products to protect and clean fabric Automotive & Marine upholstery?

A: Yes, Pellé produces an Automotive Fabric Protector, Spot Cleaner and Deodoriser

Q: Isis important that I regularly clean and nourish my leather upholstery?

A: Yes, car upholstery is exposed to very high temperatures, sweat, food and abrasion factors. Monthlycleaning and conditioning will help protect your upholstery and improve the resale value of your vehicle.

Q: Is it important to protect then regularly clean and deodorise the fabric upholstery in your vehicle?

A: Yes, vehicle upholstery is exposed to many risks. Protecting then regular cleaning and deodorising will help maintain that original look and improve the sale value of your asset.

Home Furnishing FAQ

Q: Can I use Pellé Conditioner / Protector on my Waxed / Oiled furniture?

A: Yes, occasional treatment with Pellé Conditioner / Protector is recommended as it assists to condition the leather. For regular we recommend use of Pellé Revitaliser to restore the oils and moisture that is drawn from this type of leather.

Q: Can I repair animal scratched and other isolated damage to my leather furniture?

A: Generally yes, Pellé can provide colour matched Scratch Repair kits that will allow you to repair limited damage. Please contact the Pellé Technicians (hyperlink) with your inquiry (including photographs assists)

Q: Is it important that I regularly clean and nourish my leather furniture?

A: Yes, this is very important if you wish to care for your expensive furniture and fully enjoy the natural quality of leather. It is also important to use the correct combination of Pellé products, for more information(hyperlink)

Q: Will using Pellé products regularly lengthen the life of my leather furniture?

A: Yes, most definitely. Independent testing (under taken by LASRA) has shown that leather regularly treated with the Pellé system will perform xxx times better in Colour Rub and Abrasion tests (ISO 11640 & EN 13336) than untreated leather. In real terms this equates to at least doubling the usable life of the leather.

Q: Do Pellé products meet international and Australian / New Zealand standards for care of leather furniture?

A: Definitely, all Pellé products are batch tested by LASRA against international standards (ISO11640 & EN13336). Pellé products are held in such high regards that they were used to set the standards for Australia and New Zealand – and remain the benchmarks for these standards.

Q: Does Pellé product product to protect and clean carpets, rugs & drapes?

A: Yes, Pellé produces a Fabric Protector and Spot Cleaner that is suitable for use on all house hold fabrics - including carpets, rugs and drapes. Both products are biodegradable and non-toxic making them suitable or general household and commercial use.

Q: Have these products been tested to international and Australia & New Zealand Standards?

A: Yes, the Pellé Fabric Protector has been tested by LASRA (ISO 11640) while the Pellé Spot Cleaner has been tested by AgResearch (ISO 11640)

General FAQ

Q: Can I use Pellé furniture upholstery products on my car seats, boots, shoes and leather accessories?

A: Yes, you can but Pellé also produce specialist cleaning and protection products for these items. Please see (specific hyperlink

Q: Does Pellé product meet International and Australia / New Zealand standards?

A: Yes, Pellé products are regularlytested by LASRA (New Zealand Leather& Shoe Research Association) against current Australia / New Zealand and International quality standards. In fact, the Australia / New Zealand standards for Leather Upholstery Care were establishedand created using Pellé product

Q: Can Pellé repair my damaged leather furniture, car seat, shoes or bag?

A: Yes, we have a colouring and repair service. Please contact our technicians (hyperlink) who will provide advice. If Pellé cannot undertake the repair ourselves, we have a network of repairers we can direct you to.

Q: Are Pellé products produced in New Zealand

A; Yes, all Pellé products are formulated and packed in New Zealand at our Timaru factory

Q; Are Pellé products safe for my family?

A: Yes, Pellé products can be confidently used on family furniture and articles. All Pellé products are regarded as non-Toxic and have Material Data safety Sheets available.

Q: Are Pellé products independently tested for quality?

A: Yes, all Pellé products is tested against relevant quality standards by an internationally accredited independent testing authority, the New Zealand Leather & Shoe ResearchAssociation

Q: Does Pellé produce products for fabric protection and cleaning?

A: Yes, Pellé has a range of product specifically produced for protecting, spot cleaning and deodorising carpet, rugs, window furnishing and fabric automotive upholstery.

Q: Is Pellé Care Products Limited a New Zealand owned and operated company?

A: Yes, the company began business in 1985 and is still 100% New Zealand owned and operated. All manufacturing and packing is carried out in Timaru, Sth Canterbury.

Q: Can I buy Pellé products outside New Zealand?

A: Yes, simply visit our online shop (hyperlink) for details and pricing.

Q: Does Pellé produce products to protect and care for saddles, tack and other equestrian leather products?

A: Yes, Pellé produces a specialised range of product specifically formulated for use on equestrian products (hyperlink) 

Q: Does Pellé produce products to nourish and protect outdoor hiking and work boots?

A: Yes, Pellé produces a specialised range of products specifically formulated to protect and care for outdoor and adventure boots and equipment.

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