Pelle Care Tips



The removal of marks as soon as they are noticed invariably assists in the removal. If you cannot remove a mark with the appropriate Pellé Cleaner as directed, don’t persist as you may damage the leather. Consult Pellé or a leather repair company.


Soak up fluids as quickly as possible, removing the cushions (if loose) using a colour-fast towel. Wipe over your leather, rinsing the cloth out in cold water and cleaning as you go. Let your suite dry slowly away from direct heat or sunlight. When dry, inspect then clean and recondition using the Pellé products appropriate to the type of leather.


For your protection The Pellé System Care products have Pellé B.F.A.. Pellé B.F.A. is a full Bacteriostatic Fungistatic Anti-Mould.


You can recolour scratches and other small marks with - contact the Pellé team for advice. Large areas may need the attention of a leather recolouring company. Again, the contact the Pellé team for advice.


If you are required for any length of time to store your furniture, the following hints will be helpful.

Clean your furniture thoroughly using the appropriate Pellé Cleaner for the type of leather. Apply two light coats of Pellé Conditioner / Protector, Pellé Revtaliser or Pellé Suede & Nubuck Protector (the correct product choice depends on the type of leather)
Cover your furniture with breathable dye-fast material such as woollen blankets, calico or cotton sheeting. Do not cover your furniture with plastic, or seal for long periods.
Store your furniture away from any direct heat or sunlight, in an airy room of even temperature.
Have your furniture inspected once every 2/3 months. NB: The more humid the climate in which your leather is stored, the greater the chance of mould growths.


If you or a member of your family is on medication such as aspirin, or tablets for a heart condition and spend a lot of time in your furniture: either deep clean once a month with the appropriate Pellé Cleaner or protect your leather with a wool-blend cloth covering. It has been found that some drugs cause perspiration to become very acidic, resulting in colour loss and breakdown of pigments plus staining that can cause severe damage. If in doubt contact the Pellé team for advice.


Over time these may dry out causing a lightening of the colour. Regular care with Pellé Leather Cleaner and Pellé Revitaliser will assist maintaining the moisture content, suppleness and patina of the leather.  If you have concerns about colour fading over time, please contact the Pellé team for advice.


The Pellé Scratch Repair Kit is a wipe on colour for permanent repair for small grazes, scratches, etc. These are avvilable at Pellé stockist or by contacting the Pellé team


Things to Avoid :

Dig-05Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight.

Don’t place furniture too close to a source of heat. Make sure there is a minimum distance of 500mm – 1metre.

Dig-09Pet’s claws and sharp objects including footwear may cut your leather.
Common cleaning materials can cause severe damage and costly repairs. Paints, solvents, nail varnish, dyes, felt pens, etc. will cause serious damage.
Dig-13Avoid the use of dyed cloths unless you are sure it is dye-fast, when wet.
Perspiration, grime, body oils, hair creams or gels will damage leather if not removed frequently; areas in
direct body contact e.g. Arms, head rests, seat cushions should be given extra attention.


Action to take to enhance and protect your leather furniture:

Dig-06Retain this information and any of the manufacturer’s brochures for reference.
Dig-08In the event of an accident, consult Pellé to obtain correct advice.
Read the instructions on Pellé products carefully before use, including any warnings
and use only as directed.
Dig-12Do not leave these products where small children could get access to them.
Dig-14Use the Pellé care products at the intervals suggested to maintain your leather furniture.
Dig-16If a member of your family or a regular visitor to your home wears hair creams or gels,
consider a head cloth - antimacassar.


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