Caring for your treasure!

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So, you have invested in a luxury car, a prized posession that you have worked hard for. The luxurious leather seats had you hooked as soon as you took it for the inaurgual first test drive.

You will be wanting to keep this luxurious feel - ( of course ) The last thing you will be wanting is dried, prematurely aged, cracked leather. Just think of this car leather as a type of skin, just like our skin, and how often do we wash and moisturize our face’s and body’s? If we don’t, dirt, oils and soiling build up, damaging the protective layer and top coats of the leather, same goes for leather. Cleaning is especially important on headrest and arm rest areas, which get a lot of body contact. Clean, protect and condition your leather regularly, every 3-4 months with our Pelle Automotive Leather Care Kit.

Regular cleaning and conditioning is all it takes to keep leather looking fresh, supple, and soft. Leaving a protective barrier that helps seal out the detrimental effects of the sun, time and daily wear.


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